Monday, March 10, 2014

Mindful Living: Patience.

Another day of just thoughts. Did you know today is national nap day? That should justify my reasoning for skipping the gym and crawling back into bed on this rainy Monday morning right?

But somehow I still find myself with the million "to dos" that come with a Monday... but first- I just thought I would come and write out some thoughts. My friend and fellow How Does She writer Caley created this printable and posted it on her blog here.

Isn't that so true? 
Sometimes I get impatient in what I am wanting to happen that I find myself not enjoying the moment or stage I am in. I think if only I can get from A to B then I will have all the answers and happiness and joy in the world.

Not really so.

Over the weekend, I read this blog post from my sis B.  She to me is an amazing example of patiently waiting. Her path to motherhood has been a long and bumpy road full of doctor visits, hormone injections, more doctor visits, and hurdles... I mean lots of hurdles. She has had to pray for miracles, exercise her faith and.... wait. patiently... and she continues to wait.

Oh what an example she is to me. I read this post and wept. At times I feel guilty that I have two beautiful healthy children when so many are praying for at least one. I know that this guilt is placed there by me and no one else...but it just doesn't seem fair. 

Something she has taught me is that living in the moment and enjoying the now is vital to happiness. No one can MAKE you happy but yourself. Not kids, not a spouse, not a job...nothing... but YOU. One can't always be longing for what they don't have or what may be without neglecting the current moment and she is always reminding me of that.

 As with the title of my blog: You can either choose to see a field full of dandelion weeds or instead embrace it and choose to see them  as wishes and endless possibilities. Way easier said than done... but I am on a mission to strive for those wishes.

I am trying to be constant in my writing...I am going to try my best to get a few thoughts down daily. I hope to write on topics such as:

Celebrating Womenhood
Marriage and Relationships
Art Journaling
Music and Movement
Activities for Children
Personal Confessions

I want to expand and in the future provide ebooks and ecourses...But I need your help in letting me know what you like to read or what you want to see  more of. You can help by either leaving a comment or marking one of the boxes below any of the posts to tell me if it struck any cords with you! I want this to be a place where you can shed the guilt we women like to carry around and feel inspired and empowered.

That's all... A nap doesn't sound too bad right now! ;)

besitos, xo

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