Thursday, March 13, 2014

Naptime Confession: Letting go...I hired someone to clean my house.


I am addicted.

Okay so that is not the confession I am here to share. But I do love this stuff. Right now I am sitting at my computer after a beautiful day with a jar of cookie butter and a spoon. I really need to get my own jar and label it because I think I am going to go for only one dip...but shortly after putting it back in the pantry...I sneak it out and... double dip. Shhhhh....that is an additional confession... But I must celebrate a fabulous day of accomplishments. The kids are sound asleep. The house is quiet. And the house is CLEAN. I don't have any additional house cleaning hanging over my head. It is COMPLETE.
That is right...I have plenty of time to just be here right now eating my cookie butter with you.

My secret?
After months (okay maybe years) of talking about it...

I hired clean my house.

Why has it taken me this long to finally call and get help? I mean let's be honest, I hate to clean. Okay I don't really HATE it...but I would rather be doing pretty much ANYTHING else- minor surgery included. I mean why is that I have this idea in my mind that in order to be a "good mom" I need to be Martha and have a spotless house, with three warm meals, and a million pinterest-worthy activities for the kids to engage in on a daily basis. AHHHHHH. How?

The funny part is that when my new cleaning friends were here, I kept hearing myself apologizing for the filth and even found myself cleaning along side with them. Ugh... finally after several hours of apologies and toilet scrubbing- I told myself to stop. Just stop. Let go. Remember be okay with okay. So, I let go and took my little ones to the park...and didn't think about anything else but being there in the moment with them. PERRRFECTION!

Is it weird that I was teary eyed when I hugged and thanked them sincerely from the bottom of my heart...I was overwhelmed with complete gratitude. These two women came into my filthy home and gave me such a wonderful gift. Time. Time with my kids. Time to be a mother and a wife who can completely be in the moment. And that my friends is worth every penny. I just may have to cut the budget in different areas...but I will figure that out. This for me is priceless.

I just realized a weed that I kept telling myself...that I am only a "good mom" if I keep a perfectly clean house. I am here to tell you that I don't believe that any more. I am a great mom... because I. try. my. best...end of story.
And so are you.

What stories do you keep telling yourself about not measuring up?

Now, I am planning my day with my kids... no cleaning needs to be done...what should we do? Art? Zoo? Museum? Park? I can not wait to spend the day 100% in the moment with these munchkins. 

besitos, xo

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