Friday, June 3, 2011

A little about me.

My loves:

My husband, my son,  mint oreos, snuggles, date nights, McCall Idaho, baking cookies (it’s really all about the cookie dough), smell of summer, ski hill, sun kissed cheeks, laughing so hard it makes my eyes water, my sisters, trampolines, fresh cut flowers, soft fuzzy socks, photography, sand, the sound of the ocean, pedicures (I don’t get enough of them), my art journal, Bisquick Pancakes, El Guapo (our rescue dog), writing with a sharp pencil, yoga, rain boots, buffalo chicken strips, red balloons, fresh mangoes (spelling with or without an e?) and peaches straight from the tree, the color aqua, smell of sunblock, Cheese Cake Factory, and home made bread and jam (wish I could say that it comes from my kitchen...most likely not though)

Happy Friday!

xx- Cristi

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