Thursday, June 2, 2011


Watching airplanes

I am usually the person frantically scrambling out the door with a million things in my arms and in a *mad rush* to get to where I am going... usually 5 minutes late. :/  
Last weekend was different. I was determined to enjoy the usually dreaded experience... flying by myself with a toddler! Ahhh! So, this time- I planned ahead. I arrived at the airport EARLY. I know most of you are thinking- *duh* no brainer. But I got there REALLY EARLY... like two hours early.
Who would have thought the airport can be so exciting! Instead of dashing to the gate, we just moseed our way around the airport, exploring all our surroundings and people along the way. We had time to stop and get a drink and a McGriddle (my very first one I might add) and even waited patiently as they took their time to cook it. {normally we would be skipping breakfast all together!}
Making our way to the kid table, we plopped down and slowly ate our breakfast while we enjoyed the view of airplanes taking off and landing. I took this opportunity to be fully attentive and present- exploring all the exciting new things an airport has to offer. I was quite amazed how well my little guy did when he was given a little attention and freedom to explore.
No tantrums. No crying. No running away. This experience could have been considered a weed...I decided to make it a wish.
KEY: Allow for EXTRA time. A lot of EXTRA time.
xx- Cristi

What are your travel tips?

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  1. Love this. I definitely had a weed turn into a wish. Had bad weather on our way to Portland and had to stop in LaGrande to stay with the bro in law. Got to spend some much needed time with their beautiful little daughter Ashlyn and sleep in!