Thursday, August 25, 2011

The magic of the glittery pink recorder.

I am the first one to admit that not all parenting methods work for every situation and every child. That being said...I am pretty convinced the book "Playful Parenting" can be applied on a daily basis.

This morning is a prime example. I wake up thinking I am doing such a fabulous job as a mom- getting up before anyone wakes to go to the grocery store, making a HOT Breakfast (see post here), and setting the mood for the start of a new day...I am thinking that my son would wake up bubbly and excited to eat a delicious stack of blueberry pancakes... um not so much.

Instead, he woke up grouchy and inconsolable (weaning off the bottle has been a rough road for this kid) throwing himself on the ground...crying...throwing things. It was quite a I have never seen from my own child.

There I was in the kitchen trying to hold it together (but act like it was affecting me) and trying the old "ignore" trick while he rolled around on the floor. I tried leaving the room to further ignore his behavior... nope... he followed me around clinging to my legs. I tried picking him up to hold and rock him- worst idea yet- he wiggled and squrimed right back on the floor where he threw an even BIGGER tantrum... And the reason? That is still unknown.

At that point I had run out of ideas and found myself stuck. Then I saw a very hot pink glittery recorder on the ground...

...and I picked it up in one hand and carried the squirmy little boy in the next arm and in the best conductor voice I called out, "All a board" and we proceeded to march around the room to the beat of the sound of the glittery instrument.

His crying came to a halt... but a dead halt...he became very still....and maybe even cracked a smile...maybe. Then, to my surprise he took the sippy cup (that he had early thrown on the floor) and it was then when we began breakfast... just like I had originally envisioned.

Okay people- I am convinced. I really heart this book now. I love it so much that I think I will extend this giveaway for one more week to get a chance to write more about what I learned from it and the power of play in parenting and also to give you a chance to spread the word!

So new ending time is NEXT FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2nd.

All you have to do is follow this blog and write a comment  about a favorite childhood memory. Go HERE for details on the giveaway and to enter a comment! I am loving the memories.

My childhood memory today is: sitting up on a barstool and watching my grandpa make us the most fluffy and delicious pancakes I ever have had. mmmm.... I miss you and your pancakes grandpa.


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