Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Creating a reason to serve.

I took this photo over 7 years ago in a garbage dump of El Salvador. His eyes are engraved in my mind forever, and therefore, it is has become my favorite photo of all time. 

 I love this photo so much so that I have a huge 4 foot Canvas of this photo in my home office! It serves as a reminder to me to seek out those who are in need....

I feel like somewhere along the way I have forgotten this concept. I feel like I contribute with the work I do with helping children in my job- but I don't feel like I go out of my way to really "seek out those who I could help."

I tried pinpointing when the change occurred...and I think it was with the divorce of my parents about 7 years ago. You see, growing up we had a family tradition to do a humanitarian service project during every vacation we took. We would pack one suitcase for ourselves (and one to give things away). We would even spend many of our Christmas holidays in San Carlos, Mexico or El Salcador giving away our Christmas to families in need.

Then I married someone with just as much enthusasim to serve as my parents. Together as poor newlyweds we filmed and photographed the lives of families who lived in the garbage dump of El Salvador (where this photo was taken) where they made their living of $1 a day and ate from the trash. We were able to come back to the U.S. and share what we had seen and gathered over $30,000 worth of items to give to these families! (more to the story coming later)... 

That was 7 years ago.
We haven't done anything like that since.

Why am I now waiting for some service project to come along and fall into my lap?
 These experiences don't just happen. 
We create them. 

Hmmmmm... it is time to change.
More later. 


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