Friday, March 2, 2012

I think I will go play in my art journal.

Little man is sleeping. The house is quiet. My belly is full and I am wrapped in a snuggie. It is the first time in two weeks that I have had time (and energy) to sit down and blog.

Ohhh how I have wanted to though! There is so much on my mind- so many photos to share and sigh...I am exaughisted. 

I have my visual journal on the brain since doing the How Does She post this Tuesday- in fact, I have incorporated art  visual journaling a lot with some of the kids and teens that I work with. I was amazed with the insight some of these kids had on their collages. Wow.

 Just talking about it makes me in the in the mood to do some journaling. You know- I think I will stop what I am doing here and go get messy with some paint and pictures. 

So, how about I share with you my darling neighbor who is such a doll and showed me an art journal she started on her own...LOVE LOVE it! I got so many ideas on adding ribbon and other details to my book. Her book is also a used book that she is transforming into a awesome!


It's fun to know that I am not the only one that transforms old books into journals!
Now go get your book~

besitos, xo

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