Monday, March 19, 2012

and that is exactly what I did....

I told you I was in the mood to art journal... and that is exactly what I have been doing lately. 
I decided to make this new little journal (check out here how I made it) my Gratitude Book. It is a place where I can put all the daily things I am grateful for. I printed off my Instagram photos and decided to use those to represent all the things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for being able to make a wish on a dandelion every time I see one.
 I am especially grateful Little Man also loves to stop and blow dandelions with me. 


I am grateful for my education. 
I am even more grateful that I get to spend the majority of my time home with my little man.

I am grateful for my husband and his ideas. Crazy and not crazy.

I am grateful for being able to enjoy downtown Boise. 
I love going to the farmer's market.

I am grateful for autumn walks.

I am grateful for being a mother.
 I am especially grateful that Little man still lets me hold his hand. 

 I am grateful for cupcakes and Oreos. 
Especially when it is an Oreo cupcake.

I am grateful for my art gratitude journal.
 Read more on how I made these pages here on


  1. This is such a great idea Cristi! I think "dream" is the perfect way to describe all three of you! What an awesome creative outlet.

    Where do you print your instagram pics?? I've been wanting to do that!

  2. Wendy-
    I just put them in photoshop in rows and columns and printed them out at costco in a 8x8 square. I know there are sites now that print them...but I thought this may be cheaper.

  3. i luv this!! i bought an art journal a few months ago and never got into the swing of doing it frequently. it's funny, my 6yo son has been doing a gratitude journal this entire 1st grade year and never occurred to me to do my own. thanks for the inspiration & the aha moment! :)

  4. Thanks for this wonderful idea! I have to try this out sometime soon! Your journal is beautiful!