Saturday, June 9, 2012

My birthday gift of TIME. (letter #3)

 What every girl wants for her birthday... TIME.

This glass vase reminds me of what's really important.

This letter comes again from another inspiration I had at Women's Conference a month ago. I was reminded of the rock, pebble, and sand metaphor in managing time.

The first priorities were placed in the jar first- they were the big rocks or my ESSENTIALS. What were the things in my life that were absolutely non-negotiable and essential?

-Making memories with my family 
-Teaching and playing with my children
-Enriching my marriage
-Keeping connections with friends and family
-Praying, reading scriptures, temple, and pondering spiritual matters
-Serving those who are in need

The pebbles are second- they are my "Want-tos." I want to counsel. I want to take photographs. I want to blog. I want to workout. I want to be a great cook. You get the idea.

And lastly, there is the sand that fills in the cracks of the jar- those I like to call my "Be nice-tos"
such as it would be nice to get a massage, it would be nice to eat lunch with a girlfriend, it would be nice to take a bubble bath without interruptions- you catch my drift. The things are still really important and good things but ranked third on the daily priority list.

Dear 30 year old self-

It's official. Today, I am 30.

I can't believe it.

At times I still feel like I am still 18- with the same energy and vibrancy for life but looking through the eyes of 30 year old.  

20's were good to me. Marriage, buying our first home, Graduate School, new job, and the life changing event of becoming a mother.

 With motherhood, I feel like my priorities in life have changed. All of a sudden those once important things that were so important in my early twenties don't matter as much anymore. I now have a little soul I am in charge of (and absolutely in love with) and want to provide the best life that I can possible.

Watching him grow so quickly is a reminder that time does not in fact stand still. He is growing older. 

And so am I.

I want to cherish every moment I have with my friends and family.

So, my gift to myself is this vase that represents my TIME and is filled with with rocks (essentials), pebbles (want-tos), dirt (nice-tos), and a succulent plant (joy). It is my reminder of the gift I am giving myself this year... and forever.  

The gift of time. 

I want to start each day with my ESSENTIAL ROCKS even if that means waking up earlier to accomplish them. Maybe I can learn to be a morning person this decade- hasn't happened yet in the last three.

I am hoping to spend my thirties with balance, peace and happiness- enjoying every moment that I am granted.

And now, I must go- pay attention to those essentials.

Much love, 
The birthday girl

besitos, xo

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