Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letter to my dad.

Dear dad,

Thanks for always believing that I could do anything I set my mind to...because I truly believe in that now.

Thanks for taking me around different parts of the world and giving us what you liked to call "A reality check" on how good we have it. I see the world differently because of that.

Thanks for encouraging us to keep in touch with our El Salvadorian heritage- you always were up for latin dancing and papusas.

Thanks for taking us to Annie during the Christmas holiday.

Thanks for teaching us how to serve and how to love the people of Latin America.

Thanks for staying up late with me and helping me decorate the coolest Valentine's box in the entire fourth grade class.

Thanks for helping me with my math homework.

Thanks for taking early morning jogs or going to Bikram yoga with me.

Thanks for encouraging us to learn spanish.

Thanks for teaching me how to ride a bike....even though you let go and I had to get stitches. I forgive you.

Thanks for teaching me how to ski...or at least attempting and then buying me snowboarding lessons.

Thanks for taking me to my first concert in 7th grade (Alanis Morrissette)  and sitting far enough away so you wouldn't embarrass me in front of my friends. 

Thanks for taking us hiking and backpacking despite getting lost for hours at times.

Thanks for taking work off early to see me run in track or cross-country and occasionally even running by my side during the long runs. 

Thanks for teaching us how to hook worms and gut fish. 

Thanks for giving me your camera and teaching me some pointers in photography that have stayed with me forever.

Thanks for driving down to Mexico when our VW van broke down and then riding a hot and long car ride home. 

Thanks for helping us move in 113 degree weather and then driving across country. 

Thanks for always picking up your phone when I call or answering my text- even if it is past your bed time.

Thanks for the Newsies Broadway tickets for my 30th birthday... it was amazing.

Thanks for being my dad.

Love you.

xo Besitos,

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  1. Oh dear, you got me misty eyed. Loved reading this post. Brought back a flood of memories.