Thursday, July 12, 2012

Less load yet less time. {Letter #5 to myself}

Dear 30 year old crazy woman-
Why does it seem like the more you take OFF your plate to so called "simply" your life- the more you put on it? I appreciate the fact you acknowledge you have a problem with taking on too much... You are the first to admit it... BUT WHY IN THE WORLD DON'T YOU CHANGE? 

 What happened to June being your birthday month of play and rest? Well my friend, June came and went... and instead of it being relaxing and ended up being the busiest month you had this year! That is until July came around... so- SLOW DOWN!

I appreciate your efforts in taking a proactive approach by closing your private practice, turning down potential photography clients, taking the summer off from work,  and even delegating some time consuming tasks to others willing to take them on. Thumbs up. But don't you know that being proactive in reducing your load also means saying "NO" to opportunities that come your way? Practice with me saying, "I am sorry, I can't seem to fit that in my schedule." Not so bad right? I know I know- you love what you do and want to do those things...

but if your summer goals were to practice being more "domestic" and engage in things such as baking fresh bread, planting that butterfly garden, or learning how to sew pillows for your couch... then...where is the bread?

Don't even let me get started on your email accounts. How does a person have accrue 11,662 no wait- notification on my phone went off- make that 11,663-  unread emails across four different emails? And how does a person have twice that many photos to edit or be categorized just sitting in your computer? You got me.

Will the day come when you are caught up and can just sit and enjoy the now? 

Is it possible to ever get caught up?

This is your year.
It's time

You can do it.


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  1. It is in our genetic pool Cristi. Starting with Mama Gloria, then me, then down to you. We love those opportunities that come by us "to help out the cause" at any cost. We hate to be party poopers and we want to be part of the action but one day we realize that we didn't have to do it all at once because there is time later in life.