Saturday, August 18, 2012


Nap-time Confession right here:

I have been feeling a tad bit scattered lately from the summer traveling and...well from my mind really. It's constantly thinking of great new ideas and posts I want to post but haven't had the seems as though once I put one project down to make more time- I then pick up another project without realizing it!
Story of my life.

  I may have mentioned that {here} once before when I was closing my private practice. I just have so many passions for so many different I start new business, new blogs, new projects...I think I may be a project hoarder. I can never have just ONE of anything... is this an addiction to multiples?
 I am a gemini.

So, the wheels in my head have been turning for sometime now and I have decided to consolidate a little bit more in my life once again and am revamping the front page of this blog to be able to consolidate several other blogs and workshops and projects I will be doing this fall... I'll explain more later... still sorting things out.

Bare with me okay...?

But I thought I would share a little funny moment. Well, to me it was funny...

 I was doing a photo shoot for a post I was writing for How Does She  on fashion in New York City, when all of a sudden I heard a band coming down the sidewalk...
 all wearing I heart NY shirts....

...I froze. 

...then posed...

...Which was a mistake because I almost got trampled. 

Then I was strung along down the sidewalk to a local pub they were all meeting at.

Only in New York.
Pretty sure you had to be there.
More photos of this over {here.}
Besitos xo,

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