Saturday, September 8, 2012

Own your Mess

Do you have your washable paints and large piece of paper?

First, start off by choosing a color and squirting it on the page.

Mindfully dip your finger in the paint...notice how it feels under your fingers and your initial reaction to the paint.

 Then, begin smearing it across the page. 

Squirt another color wherever you like on the page.

Smear. Mix. Observe.

Now, if you feel ready for the good stuff your entire hand on the page and squish it between your fingers and see what happens as you mix.

I had to put the camera down...but I then placed both hands in there and just played in the paint observing how I felt while I was doing it.
It seemed like the longer I was in my mess- the more relaxing it became for me.

There you have it.

Now for you advanced mess makers: PURPOSELY wipe your hands on your shirt... and then LEAVE it there for the rest of the day.

I dare you.

I went into work with this lovely on mine... and no I didn't explain to anyone...I just owned my mess.

Can you own yours?

Let me know how it goes!


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