Friday, September 7, 2012

Challenge: Make a Mess.

I have been wanting to do monthly challenges for myself to share with anyone who wants to join me for awhile now and I have decided that it's finally time to start...why wait- so, to follow up with this post of me as an anxious slightly OCD child who was afraid to make a mistake- I've decided this month's challenge is to:

 I am not that child anymore- in fact, I think I just may be more slightly on the opposite side of the spectrum of that child. I don't really consider it a good or bad thing to be the way I was... but I do know that I feel way more FREE.

 I attribute this shift to my field of study and going through a crazy three year graduate school program that really had me tapping into my personal patterns/issues and then making the conscious decision to let go of that little pleaser in me.

I also, attribute it to finding an outlet through photography and expressive arts that allows me to find my voice.

And lastly, I also attribute it to surrounding myself with people including the children and teenagers I work with who are so genuine and so real and for the most part not afraid of what other's think. 

It is a reminder to me that we all have inner children who need to come out and set us free from our so serious adult mess-avoiders.


to get started- I want you to get your hands on this book and read it. You can read more about this book and my love for it here.

watch this video here:

Then I want you to grab some washable finger paint or regular washable paint and a large piece of paper and come back tomorrow to see what I am going to have you do with it...

I'm off to go do my my photos tomorrow!



  1. I love this. :) And I NEED that book now. Yes, you've inspired me.