Friday, January 18, 2013

January 2013 Monthly Challenge: Prioritize

 I have been meaning to put up my January Challenge this month... like all month. But it seems like one thing after another pops up and I don't have a moment to express what I want to express about it. Ha- which is so fitting because this topic is exactly what I need to get myself focused on what really are the ESSENTIALS (See post here) in my life and unfortunately, this blog doesn't make it to the top of the priority list most of the time. :) Which may be a good thing- I think I could blog about stuff all day.

But what a great reminder to continue putting aside the daily things in life for the things that are the most important to me.

This month's challenge is to:



  1. Designate or treat (something) as more important than other things
  2. Determine the order for dealing with (a series of items or tasks) according to their relative importance

 I loved what President Uchtdorf said in his talk: "Of Regrets and Resolutions":

"My wife, Harriet, and I love riding our bicycles. It is wonderful to get out and enjoy the beauties of nature. We have certain routes we like to bike, but we don’t pay too much attention to how far we go or how fast we travel in comparison with other riders.
However, occasionally I think we should be a bit more competitive. I even think we could get a better time or ride at a higher speed if only we pushed ourselves a little more. And then sometimes I even make the big mistake of mentioning this idea to my wonderful wife.
Her typical reaction to my suggestions of this nature is always very kind, very clear, and very direct. She smiles and says, “Dieter, it’s not a race; it’s a journey. Enjoy the moment.”
Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey. I don’t go cycling with my wife because I’m excited about finishing. I go because the experience of being with her is sweet and enjoyable.

How right she is!"

Sigh...this month my priorities come first- everything else second. And for me, being a mother and wife to my little family is on the very top of the list- wouldn't have it any other way.

besitos, xo

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