Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't get mad....Get the Camera.

How many of you are repulsed by what you see and would take one good look at this and put an end to it right away?

It gets better. 
It started with painting seashells...

Then Little Man asked me if he could paint his arms like an army guy. Are army guys painted?

"Um,  I don't know... I am thinking about it..." I responded as tried to buy some time and quickly scanned the scene to see what the worst thing that could happen. The paint was toxic free and washable right? Was it just about the clean up that I was worried about?

 "Well, okay but we will have to wash you off before you go off and play."

Begins to paint his arms immediately.

He obviously was excited and proud of himself.

He then looked at me with a grin and began to paint his face...did I say he could paint his face? 

I guess I didn't specificy and obviously when you are going into battle you will need some face paint to really blend in.

Could I really be mad at such a cute little face? So,  I just grabbed the camera instead.

The best part was watching his reaction when he saw himself in the mirror. 

The laughter was priceless.
But let me share with you a few things I have learned from not only using paint in my work but at home.  A few things make messy projects easier.

1. Put down a roll of plastic that you can throw away or reuse for easy clean up.

2. Paper plates and cups are great just to throw away without having to rinse out.

3. Baby wipes and paper towels that are close by make it easy to clean up spills and  hands- that is unless you child decides to paint his entire body- then you may need to use the sink...or bathtub :)

4. Remember it's just paint- washable paint at that. No need to get upset over a little mess.

This day came in perfect timing because I just received an email from a fabulous magazine called Seeing the Everyday- (you have to go check them out- I love the giant photos and messages- I have talked about them before!) about experiences people have had where they choose to not get mad but just grab the camera.

 You can read about it here.

If you have any experiences like this you can post them on their FB Wall here.

besitos, xo


  1. Cristi.. i love this! you are such an inspiring mother. Maybe sometimes us moms just say no... because thats what is "normal" or because its easy. but really.. its easier and more memorable and all around more loving to let them do those things.. ah i love your blog.
    p.s. i love how you edit your photos. teach me your ways

  2. Who is the other boy? It looks to me that when you do anything is better with company don't you think? Fun day!