Monday, April 1, 2013

Morning and Evening Checklists: My Printables.

 Why is it every time it is time to get dressed Little Man likes to run around the house in his underwear as if it is a game of tag? Cute at first. Not so cute when it becomes a daily habit. So, with the mister out of town last week and I found myself staying up into wee hours of the morning planning- organizing- creating.

I decided that it was time for little man to be able to do certain self-help skills on his own without me having to constantly remind him and hover over him. So, I worked in photoshop to pull together some basic self-help visual cards that a three-year-old should be able to do.

So this is what I did- I got a wooden clipboard from Target and painted it. 

Then I got the round velcro sticky thingies and put them on the clipboard to keep the images together in one place. 

Then, I cut a piece of 12 x12 paper into the right size for the clipboard and printed the words "do and done" on it.

And this is what it looked like. The velcro and images are under the sheet of paper.

Well, actually I ended up modifying it a but because I realized there needed to be more tasks then just 4.  So, here is what it ended up looking like. I have a place to change the moon and the sun to represent night and day. And also a place for his little "You did it" star that surprisingly he is so excited to get when he is done. Who knew!

It has been amazing- no more running down the hall when I mention the words "getting dressed!"

Here are the printables that work in my home. You can download them here

 besitos, xo

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