Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Printables For the Cleaning and Maintaining of the Home!

I am over here at how does she today talking about encouraging our children to work...

I have a little confession: I hate housework.
I really do.

Don't get me wrong- I love the feeling after it is all cleaned and organized but I really would rather be doing something else. Like playing outside or actually making the mess.

Pretty much anything else. 

Like I mentioned in the post, I have Adult ADD when it comes to cleaning. Monday rolls around and I feel overwhelmed about not knowing what part of the house to start with...so, I spin my wheels trying to get organized enough to organize... and before I know it- the day is gone.

Let's just say that I am easily distracted when it comes to cleaning...it can always wait right???

The only problem is I know how much more relaxed I am as a person in a clean home so I knew I had to make a change. I am not asking for a perfect imactulate home....just an organized and sanitary one that we can enjoy to be together in.

So, I had to come up with a system to be able to rotate through parts of the house and know what I was going to do on what day. It has changed my life. No, my home is not as orderly as I want it to be...but now that I took off the pressure to have it all cleaned at once- I am free.

And it feels good.

So here is my new system. 

So, I decided that I would dedicate one good solid 60-90 minutes a day cleaning some part of my home. NO MORE THAN THAT! In fact, I gave myself that rule...ONLY 60 minutes! I even set a timer. I wrote all the weekly and yearly things I could think of that had to get done in our home and created printables that I would attach to magnet strips.

Our family's Chore list 

Download these here (3 pages and 2 fill in the blanks)

You can find out the details on how I made the clipboards here but briefly-I found the metal clipboards at Craft Warehouse for 50% off ($3.50 each) and these sheets of metal at Home Depot for less than a dollar to adhere to my cabinet. I printed and cut out the strips and attached them to magnet. That's it!

My areas of focus for each day of the week have a corresponding color. Like Monday is this red. We cleaned that up yesterday.

The Mister and Little Man work together in cleaning up the kitchen and dining area after the meals. It feels nice to have a clean kitchen for the next day. That is their little daddy son job.

Yelllow= Saturday chores

Little Man has jobs in the morning as well and he gets to choose two to four to do each day in the area that I will be working at. So far he doesn't get any rewards at the moment except for Saturdays. On those days he gets 5 cents for each job and usually does about 5- so it roughly is about a quarter most Saturdays. Then he can save it or bring it along to spend when we walk by one of those annoying candy machines they put at eye level for kids at the grocery store! Grrrr.

Little Man is awesome in the bathroom!

Little Man's daily chore list that corresponds with my color code:
Download these here (6 pages)

What do you think? I know I missed some housework items...like walls? How could I forget those. Comment here and let me know what you would add to the next batch!

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  1. These are really great, thank you for sharing them!! :)

    1. So glad you like them!!

      I forgot to include a blank one in there so that people can write in whatever they want so I will update that!

  2. where did you get the metal clipboards?

    1. I got them at craft warehouse. I think I paid like 3 dollars for each one. Home Depot does sell that metal for a lot cheaper if you decide you don't need the clipboard part.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your system over at How Does She. I clicked over from there to download these super cute chore magnets and now I'm going to pass along this information to my readers via FB and Twitter.

    Alana @ Grace-Full Intentions
    Pursuing Progress, Not Perfection

    1. Thanks so much!! I'll be checking you out as well! Love your tag line!

  4. This is awesome! Where did you get the magnets from?

    1. Just from a craft store in the magnet area! They have all different sizes and strengths or you could use those business card magnets and cut them to size- those work great too!

  5. I love this Cristi!! This is so creative and organized, it's amazing. Now...if you make them to sell...I'd buy them not only for myself, but for my friends. I can't wait to try this- it's officially going to be my Summer project to get up and running.

    1. Hmmmm great idea! I just may custom make them in an etsy shop and take requests!

    2. Yes please sell them! I absolutely LOVE the idea but right now the craft part and running around to the store seems overwhelming! :) Please post the link to your etsy shop :)

  6. Love this! The thing I'm confused about is how you got the mister to do chores! Seriously, how did that happen. I've been asking for 8 years for a little help. :/

    1. Haha- I know it has taken this long for real change to happen here at my house and we have been married 9 years! Something about the idea that I am not telling him but the chart is telling him really helps!

      Also, I used the excuse that I wanted our son to see how the entire family pitches in to make a home work and also to see a man who cleans up after he gets home from work and also it would be a good chance for them to both work on it together. So, the two of them work together on jobs when he comes home and on Saturdays. Although it is true...I want my son to be a helpful husband... he bought it and it worked! ;)

  7. i've been looking for something like this! love it! thank you so much for sharing :)