Thursday, January 31, 2013

Non-negotiables. Period.

{Art Journal Page: "My inner Mother" My favorite was the little notes in the lunch box!}

I have been trying to sit down and write all week long... but the energy seems to be drained out of my body and my mind these past few days and my bed seems to win over writing. But that still leaves my thoughts to dance around my head as I look upon the end of this month- I ask myself: Did I accomplish this month's goal of setting my priorities? Did I constantly put them first? What are my non-negotiables-  you know the things that are not up for negotiation? 

Isn't it amazing that when we are going through a trial in our life like a loss or a setback (example here) that it seems like the decision and capability to put those priorities first is much more simple. It seems as if the world stops and nothing else matters but those things you cherish the most. During times like these, it's so crystal clear. 

But, soon with time, the mundane obligations and daily responsibilities creep back into life and that clarity becomes a foggy mess. At least it feels that way to me. 

For me, it seems like there are some non-negotiables that pull me out of the fog and I always go back to. 

Some include:
1. Make time for God in my life. Start every day with prayer and spiritual message- include the kids.

2. Make sure my children, husband, and family remain first before any other job. As Dr. Laura would say, "I am my kid's mom." Also, Monday nights are dedicated to family night. Period.

3. Be the kind of Mother that I envision. Take the time to teach, cuddle, laugh, and play each and every day- even if the house chores take a back seat.

4. Serve and love others unconditionally. Leave time in the day to be able to serve... and teach my kids how to do the same.

I am sure there are more out there that I missed or need more work. Like weekly "date nights"- It seems like they should happen more often then they do- but it baby steps.

 What are some of your "NON-NEGOTIABLES?"


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